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Trail & Fitness Bicycles

Location & Directions (615) 499-4634
Store Hours: Tue-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun & Mon By Appt.

Our History

Rumor has it that George Khoury was riding a two-wheeler before he could walk.  The story is false, but the sentiment is real.  This is a guy who loves bikes!  And loves the bike business.  Not that he was always in the business, mind you.  In fact – though it may seem hard to believe – in George’s previous incarnation he was a buttoned-up, pin-striped “wealth manager” at a bank!  No joke!  But after a while he realized that suits didn’t suit him, and that true wealth lay in following his passion.  So one night he came home and said to his wife, “honey, I want to open a bike shop!”  And amazingly, she said, “go for it!” 

Thank you, April!!!  From all of us!

So Trail and Fitness bikes was born in 2012, and from the beginning George had a simple motto: Excellence and inclusiveness across the board. 

And what do we mean by excellence?  Simple: product knowledge that’s first-in-class and customer service that’s second to none.  And when we say service, we mean from start to never finish: from helping you select the bike of your dreams, to making sure it’s a perfect fit, to taking you down a road or a greenway, or on your “mountain maiden voyage” in Percy Warner Park. 

And what do we mean by inclusiveness?  We mean that all cyclists are part of our Trail and Fitness family!  From kids, adult beginners and folks who are back in the saddle after years, to Cat 1 racers who sleep in Lycra then wake up and eat pavement for breakfast. 

In other words, wherever you are, we’ll meet you there.  Every step and pedal stroke of the way. 

George Khoury - Owner

George Khoury

Chris Williams - Service

Chris Williams

Rachel Hart

Rachel Hart

Jena Cook - Sales

Jena Cook


Watch Chris Williams – our Chief Wrench – work, and you’ll see a perfect blend of a guy who’s formally trained and self-taught.  Why is this important?  Because sometimes a mechanic has to go beyond the manuals and get creative.  This is where Chris’ engineering and IT background come through: he’s got an eye for elegant solutions, and the hands to pull them off.  He’s half scientist, half sculptor!

Oh, and one other thing about Chris: call him a “bike geek,” and he’ll say “guilty as charged!” But unlike other gearheads, Chris doesn’t hide in the service bay.  He loves to translate “tech” into plain English, so if you get a chance to chat him up on the floor, go for it!


We’re extremely proud that our two sales associates, Rachel Hart and Jena Cook, are artists both on and off the bike. 

Rachel, a Cat 2 racer, is studying pre-med at Vandy and is also a trained violinist!  And Jena, Cat 3, is a skilled painter, of everything from portraits, to film sets, to – you guessed it -- bike frames!

Both ladies are experts, but have a southern ease about it.  So if you’re just venturing out, don’t be shy.  You’ll be in supremely competent, but reassuring, hands.

On the other hand, if you’re already a gnarly mountain bikin’ dude or dudette – if your motto is basically Shred or Dead – then let one of our smokin’ riders shift into high gear and help find the perfect steed for your creed. 

Either way, come in and experience the fine art of great service.  Jena will “paint you into” a beautiful cycling future, and, trust us, when you shout out, “I love my new bike!” it will be music to Rachel’s (and all of our) ears.